The VPA and Environment Protection Strategy in the process of international intergration (09:47 | 11/04/2013)

( - Enviroment plays an important part in human life and species; economic development, the culture and society of the country, nation as well mankind. In the early stage of the 21st century, we are currently dealing with variety of environmental matters, which brings adverse effects to existence and development of the human such as: global climate change, ozon depletion, increasing greenhouse effects; droughts and floods; wildfires; technical breakdowns of environment harm, biodiversity losses, water scarsity, and natural resource depletion.

The National Action Programme on Settling Consequences of Unexploded Ordnance and its plan for the 2010-2025 period (09:45 | 11/04/2013)

( - On the 21st April 2010, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung signed the 504/QĐ-TTg to approve the National Action Programme on Setting Consequences of Unexploded Ordnance and its plan for the 2010-201-2025 period (known as 504 Programme”. The Programme would be carried out and implemented on nationwide with 6 major projects.

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